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Spark Club Podcast

Jun 13, 2022

In this Spark Club podcast, recorded live at EnergyLab in June 2022, we shine a light on the Lithium Battery sector. Australian raw materials are playing a key role in this vital industry in the energy transition, but can we do more? We have an amazing panel, Danny Kennedy from New Energy Nexus, Katja Digweed from the...

May 15, 2022

In this election Spark Club podcast we are joined by three leading Independent candidates for the up and coming Federal election on the 21st of May 2022.

Allegra Spender from Wentworth, Kylea Tink from North Sydney and Georgia Steele from Hughes join Saul Griffith and I on stage for a conversation on the key issues on...

Mar 28, 2022

In this exciting Spark Club podcast Saul Griffith is back. He joined us live at Fishburners in Sydney to discuss his new book, The Big Switch. The energy transition is moving at a clip and so is Saul as breaks his new big idea which you’ll hear on the podcast.
It was a great event and I’d like to thank Young Henrys...